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Scrap Tyre Collection, Tyre Disposal & Tyre Recycling Services

Scrap Tyre Collection Services Provider, which located in Croydon, UK, we collect baled, recycling, used & waste tyres.

Scrap tyre collection, Waste and Used tyre collection

We stock over 5,000 used tyres and part worn tyres in our warehouse, all our Tyres can be pressure-tested on request, We make all attempts to ensure that you only receive the highest quality car tyre or SUV tyre.

Tyre Channel Limited also specializes in the disposal and recycling of responsible scrap tyres. Our network across the UK allows us to provide an effective, convenient and economical way to dispose of your Tyres at the end of their useful life. We have a license to transport used tyres, transporting them to our sites. Alternatively, you can leave your used tyres on our site and buy your used tyres.

Tyre Channel Limited has the enviable reputation of being able to provide a responsible, efficient and economic waste tyre management service to numerous wholesale and retail outlets throughout the UK.

In response to the environmental problems and health risks posed by the countless piles of used, uncontrolled and abandoned tyres collection around the world, most industrialized countries have established a legal framework to address this problem. Our scrap collection services and recycling services ensure that your used Tyres are recycled without harming the environment. The tyres we collect from our tyre collection services are used more frequently as a global replacement, however, the demand for recycled tyres is increasing.

Scrap tyre collection
Waste and Used tyre collection

Our clients include many independent retailers and local authorities needing support to combat fly-tipping; we’re proud that all of them are long-term and very reliable repeat customers.

We strive to provide a flexible and reliable service that meets the requirements of our customers and offers collections of Scrap tyres tailored to the needs of our customers. Our fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles, coupled with a friendly and professional workforce, allows us to offer unparalleled customer service standards.

At Tyre Channel Ltd, we can help you meet your company's requirements for increasingly complex environmental legislation. We will provide you with a reliable and tailored solution that meets your waste and used tyre management services needs.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the trusted exporters and suppliers of Scrap Tyre in the UK. Our waste Tyre is processed using the latest technology to guarantee the excellent quality. The scrap we offer is available in different sizes to meet the various demands of buyers. Our Scrap Tyre is highly durable and has a wide industrial application. We believe that the recycling process for used Tyres is as easy as possible and we offer a variety of options to our customers. The best Scrap tyre collection service in the UK is available to members of the public and we can also organize daily, weekly or monthly collections for commercial companies.

From grouped orders to retailers, we can do anything. Our company has an extensive supply chain network to provide our buyers with the product throughout the year and deliver on time. Quality control is an important part of our business and we make sure that all our products are quality assured and reliable.

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Regular Collection
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Environment Friendly Tyre Disposal

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Used and Waste Management

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